City Thais use this "bidet".  I thought it was ingeniously simple.  Don't know if it's used elsewhere.  It works!  And if the water  sprays a little,  the floor is concrete and slants toward the shower stall
There is an 8' high wood closet to the right of the sink. To save space, it was built out of 3/4" birch plywood and finished in eurathane.

The first floor is the concrete slab polished & sealed.  The bathroom floor slopes toward the recessed shower pan.  All  water flows toward the shower.  I enjoy this shower and find the American tub shower upstairs cramped.  This bathroom seems restful, simple on the eye, simple to use & to clean. My sister finds it too rustic.  But I always liked the American barn.
This shower offered unexpected uses.  Visiting little boys vied for the opportunity to pee in the showerpan, then spray it down with the bidet sprayer! Potty training made easy!  And the Western bath upstairs where water can't stand on the floor is so much more trouble to clean. This waterroom bath:  no shower curtain/glass door to wash, just scrub then hose it ALL down.   Wished I'd made the bidet sprayer a foot longer and put the linen cabinent higher back or even outside the room.

And the faucet near the floor of the shower stall (to the right) enables all sorts of projects, from dying clothing to washing feet.
Kitchen to the right & Thai broom, a tool that is beautiful to display.  (& a dance to use)  Thai farmhouses had no decorations, but had baskets and implements so beautiful.
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